Past Events

Arduino Robotic Car Workshop

30 October 2017 - Event Page

The robotics side of our society came alive in this workshop where we led participants through building their own programmable car. Participants built their own motor circuits and programmed them using Arduino to move a car around. This workshop was relatively basic, but it is easy to see how you could add some sensors to the car and make your robot more autonomous quite easily.


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Build your own Snake Game with the BBC micro:bit!

9 October 2017 - Event Page

Our first programming workshop went well, attracting a full room of attendees and much delight at seeing something moving that they created. This was a fun workshop to run as the thing people were building was both visual and tactile.


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Electronics Workshop

25 September 2017 - Event Page

A re-run of our electronics workshop from last semester. This was our first regular event of the new semester and sold out really quickly! The slides are below.

Annotated slides

Build your own Robotic Arm!

15 September 2017 - Event Page

Our main Welcome Week event for 2017 saw 40 people build their own cardboard hydraulic arm. We ran two sessions in uCreate Studio that took attendees from a piece of cardboard to a fully functioning arm. It was a nice introduction to the semester and a good omen for things to come!

Electronics Workshop - Part 1

17 April 2017 - Event Page

I think it's fair to say that EaRS has kicked off well with our first workshop. We took 18 attendees through the basics of building circuits from lighting up their first LED to understanding the difference between NPN and PNP transistors and building quite a complex circuit by the end! We also played a good few games to get people socialising and to help explain some of the more abstract concepts.

As a society, we'd have to say that our favourite bits were seeing people helping each other and witnessing the start of a community. Our attendees also really surprised us with how fast they picked up difficult concepts and built the circuits provided. Of course, that isn't to say we didn't like the chocolate and biscuits!

Even though our last event has only just passed, we're already looking to the future and the next few events that we can run. We have plenty of ideas, but would always welcome more. If you feel you have an idea or would like to help us run an event as a mentor or speaker, then get in touch! We could always use an extra hand. :)

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