Arduino Robotic Car Workshop

We have a new workshop for you guys! On Monday 30 October, we'll be building a basic robotic car from scratch using Arduino and some simple circuitry. The event will be held in UCreate Studio in the Main Library.

We'll start off teaching you how Arduinos work before progressing onto building some circuits to get user input and control your car. By the end of the workshop you will have built a programmable car that both moves and looks really cool. 😎

Difficulty level: 3/10: This workshop will involve some programming concepts and some electronics concepts, but won't go too deep into either. If you have come to any of our previous workshops, that is more than enough base knowledge. If not, don't worry, we'll recap everything you need to know in the workshop.

This is a ticketed event, so make sure to get your tickets early as they will sell out really quickly!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Drop us a Facebook message or reply to this email.

  • Location: uCreate Studio
  • Date: 30 October 2017 18:00-21:00
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