2019-2020 committee members

Cailtlin McDougall - President

Caitlin I love learning about how things work at their core. Be it the unseen software controlling it or the moving parts and how they fit together, I am always fascinated to see how it's done. That's why embedded and robotics appealed to me. I get to see for myself how to give functionality to objects and make them respond to the real world.

I came to Edinburgh not knowing an awful lot about technology and feeling like a bit of an outcast since everyone else on my course seemed to know so much. Then I found EaRS and they gave me the chance to learn and ask questions without feeling judged. Having this opportunity helped me become much more confident in myself and has given me a love of tinkering with random pieces of tech without fear of breaking it.

I feel extremely fortunate that I am now in the position to provide this friendly, open space for others who find themselves in my shoes and help them discover the same passion for embedded software and robotics that I have.

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Wassim Jabrane - Secretary

Wassim I always had a small, secret passion that was hidden for embedded electronics and robotics, which I did not discover until my very first year in university when I fiddled with these little bits and bobs using my own hands and laptop. The amount of creativity you can unleash given the knowledge and expertise is… quite shocking.
Being in the middle of all of this equipment and around spectacular people with one common interest is something I am truly grateful to be part of. Given this opportunity, I am more than happy to support and aid people who have a slight interest in the field learn more about it through our beginner-level workshops and events!
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Annabel Jakob - Treasurer

Bella Description When I first started university, embedded still seemed like a "distant dream". I didn't really know where to start or where to get materials to start building things, until I joined EaRs. I loved that EaRs isn't just aimed at people who are already confident with these topics, but complete beginners too.

Besides that, I love learning about Mathematics and generally any kind of technology. It amazed how much we, as humans, have achieved and have been able to create and I’m determined to understand it all!

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Roman Akash - Sponsor manager

Roman Description




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Gagan Devagiri - Workshop Coordinator

Gagan When I first joined the university I was overwhelmed with everyone's accomplishments and how much everyone around me knows and this has motivated me to learn more, everyday! Through EaRs, I'm learning about Embedded and robotics development and have learned to built cool stuff by attending the workshops myself and mentoring few of them.

When I'm not with EaRs, you can find me in Appleton Tower complaining about my coursework or playing Minecraft or if it is the weekends, I'll probably be at a hackathon attempting to build something. I'm often guilty of missing my Monday lectures because I couldn't wake up the next day after a long hackathon. You can message me on facebook or Instagram or email me at gagandevagiri@gmail.com

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Ivy Kalegi - Project Lead

Ivy We are continually forced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. This is why engineering and tech. fascinates me. You can find a solution to any problem. I'm particularly interested in robotics and electronics. EaRs is definitely the start on a path to learning a lot about these aspects.

Anyway, I'm not just about engineering and tech., on weekday evenings or weekends you can find me in Latino and Afro beats dance sessions, if you would like to have a chat about anything engineering or dance related, contact me at ivykalegi@gmail.com.


Michał Dauenhauer - Content Creator


One day, a dozen or so years ago, I found a screwdriver. My family curses that moment, as from then on, any electronic appliance could be found in multiple places at the same time. Some time later I reluctantly admitted that making things work can be as fun as taking them apart. And so began my adventure with robotics and general tinkering.

I like questions and usually I can fairly quickly come up with a very long and only marginally relevant answer, so if you're confused about anything, just let me know so that we can be confused together. Maybe something useful will come out of it and maybe it'll be somehow recorded for the future confusion reference.

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original 2017-2019 committee members

Agnes Wasikowska - President

Agnes I will get easily excited about anything technology related. Simple or complicated, boring or interesting; I love every single bit, however it's act of building things myself that holds a special place in my heart.

When I started university all I wanted to do is build cool things; hardware, software: it didn't really matter. Despite this, due to lack of confidence in my abilities and self-esteem, finding the courage to touch embedded took me a while.

This society is my way of helping others have fun by making their beginnings with hardware as interesting and as pleasant as possible. I want EaRS to become a community where everyone regardless of their skills can learn and share ideas.

If you've got any questions drop me a message either on my personal account or on the society's. Don't hesitate to ask about anything, I probably know less about Embedded and Robotics than you. Having said that, is there a better way to learn than starting a hardware oriented society? :)

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Cameron MacLeod - Secretary

Cameron EaRS was a huge part of my life and identity at university. I'm very proud of all that we accomplished, especially that new people were inspired to join the committee and carry the society on.

I'm no longer part of EaRS, but if you want to contact me head to the links below. I'm more than happy to chat about society matters, sponsorship or even careers.

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Mayank Gupta - Treasurer

Mayank I like to think that no problem is too big or too hard.

I am particularly interested in automation and AI, but I tend to dip my toes in anything that takes my interest. The effect these technologies have on the world has always excited me; and use of modern development hardware for prototyping is easier than ever!

If you want to know more about anything I have done before or have any questions give me a buzz!

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Yu-Jo Tseng - Head Mentor

Yu-Jo The infinite possibilities with technology are what draws me to this field. You can build almost anything you fancy!

It all started back in secondary school when I tried making an Android live wallpaper. I realized then how much fun it was not only to learn something new but also to bring what you have in your head to life.

I'm here to help you learn and to aid you in your first steps to creating something amazing. But I'm also here to play, so if you're up for some games, let me know!

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Ami Bakhai - Talks Coordinator

Ami These people above me are scary... they know so much about technology :O But I have a great interest in technology and they have made me a place among them. The motivation I have towards learning and creating something has given me the chance to build my knowledge of using different technologies.

I was a complete beginner, I had never used my command line just a few years ago but now I have it open 24/7 on my laptop. I have learnt a lot especially from EaRS. But just generally from life, whether it is communication skills, marketing, hardware or software; I will not hesitate being curious about it and taking time to learn about it.

I am here for you to talk to about technology or basically anything you fancy, just send me a message!

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