The University of Edinburgh Embedded and Robotics Society (EaRS) is a society aimed at helping students get into the fields of embedded development and robotics and bringing together a community interested in these fields. We put on workshops, talks and hackathons that are all free to attend.

You can see our past events below, and for anything else have a look at our links.


  1. IoT Challenge 2018

    EaRS is proud to run the IoT challenge this year in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh ISG and School of Informatics.

  2. Marty the Robot Workshop (ROS intro)

    Teach Marty the Robot to kick a ball! This workshop should give you an introduction to ROS and some computer vision concepts.

  3. Arduino Robotic Car Workshop

    An introduction to building something that actually moves! Use Arduino to control a car.

  4. Build your own Snake Game with the BBC micro:bit!

    Our first programming workshop! Build the game of Snake on the micro:bit using the accelerometer.

  5. Electronics Workshop

    A re-run of our introductory electronics workshop for semester 1 2017.

  6. Build your own Robotic Arm!

    EaRS's main Welcome Week event 2017!

  7. Electronics Workshop - Part 1

    A beginner friendly electronics workshop (our first event!)